About WebsiteDesignersList.com

Well, where do we begin?

The year was 2005. People in need of a new website or related services were desperate for a simple, elegant and well-organized way to find a company. Meanwhile, across the vast expanse of the Internet, webs design companies of all shapes and sizes were just aching to make contact with these people.

These designers and developers reached out across miles of fiber, frantically grasping at entrepreneurs, executives, bloggers and others who would never see their interest. It was a story of unrequited love - and we can't stand to see love unrequited. So, being the romantics we are, we decided to do something about it.

The team that founded WebsiteDesignersList.com focused on the two key groups:

  1. Website Designers (designers, developers and the companies they work for)
  2. Customers (those looking to hire someone for a web project)

We wanted to know what each group wanted, what they craved, what they could not do without (and what they could do without). We spent quite a bit of time putting together extremely fancy surveys designed to give us objective, relevant and actionable information that we could use to put together the best resource for finding a web design company quickly and easily.

We sent out and received back two rounds of questionnaires about exactly what each group would like to find in a resource such as this one. The feedback we received was quite interesting and provided a great fountain for planning our framework. While some of the more clever respondents were eager to tell us where to stick our surveys (karma, man, karma!), most managed to provide honest, serious and priceless guidance and feedback.

We reviewed pages upon pages of requests, suggestions, concerns, optimization tips, pricing preferences, and of course complaints about other such online resources that weren't exactly giving them what they wanted. We then went to work.

Today, after almost a decade online, WebsiteDesignersList.com continues to lead the charge for consumers who are trying to find the best web design company for their project.