What You Need Before Creating an Online Business Listing

Be prepared before you start marketing your web design business

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Getting Started: To get listed on any of these services, you'll need your business information, logo, and an example from your portfolio. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Write a great description about your company and services:
    Do not just copy content from your website. Write a unique description that would be helpful to someone reading it. And don't make the rookie mistake of stuffing it with keywords. This is a black-hat SEO trick from years ago. It doesn't work. Just write something that's concise, informative and short of hyperbole.
  2. Have your logo ready:
    Your logo file should have a transparent background (unless an opaque background color is part of your logo). The best format is PNG. Finally, make sure its dimensions are large enough so that when it's scaled down it will still be sharp and un-pixelated.
  3. Choose at least one example of a completed client project:
    Potential clients want to see what you've done, and most of these marketing websites let you post an example of your work. So pick one from your portfolio, write a great description about what it is, what you did, what problems you solved, and how satisfied the client is. Then make sure that you have a large, professional looking screenshot or marketing image ready to go (again, PNG format is usually best).

With those things ready to go, it's simple, fast and easy to create business listings for your business.

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