Clutch Highlights Extensive Customer Testimonials and Interviews

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Clutch Review ("" that is)

Clutch markets itself as more of a research and review website (for B2B) and covers a very broad scope of technology services - much more than just website design and development (everything from advertising to IT consulting). Along with detailed business information, it displays customer testimonials and clients themselves appear to be able to submit their own reviews. Clutch supposedly verifies each company and every review which should lead to higher quality content just like DevFinder. However, there's just something about Clutch that seems incomplete or unfinished. It's hard to put a finger on it. For example, while their site states that a minimum of three references are required at sign-up, there are plenty of listings with none at all (and some with very scarce details). Another thing that's odd for a directory that exercises editorial discretion is the presence of duplicate listings (!) that show-up in their search results, which doesn't exactly add credibility to their data. Visitors use Clutch by browsing through a number of linked categories such as a specific city or country name, or by choosing a technology category. Unlike Sortfolio and DevFinder, Clutch does not provide a way in which to display or feature portfolio examples. Once a list is displayed (the default sort order lists "sponsors" first), visitors can filter by number of employees and hourly rate. There are very few locations represented in Clutch's data. This likely could be because of their focus on enterprise B2B means that most providers will be located in only the largest of metropolitan cities.

  • What you get: A dedicated profile page with your logo, company name, description, key clients, number of employees, ratings/testimonials, location address, a bunch of pie charts, and a link to your website (nofollow of course); inclusion in search results; upgrade to get a more prominent placement in search results.
  • Price: Free with Optional Paid Sponsorships
  • SEO Optimized: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Secure: No. While Clutch uses SSL, some of its resources are not secure and can be modified by an attacker.
  • Pros: Curated business listings; great for larger development firms focused on broad technology services.
  • Cons: Not very user-friendly (it takes a lot of time to compare companies and might be easier just to use a search engine); It's a very wordy website (maybe that fits with its corporate image); paid sponsorship is incredibly expensive; it's broad coverage means only a small percentage of its visitors could be looking for web design services.
  • Best for: Enterprise and institutional focused technology firms.
  • Website: