Sortfolio is Still Popular with the Design Crowd

But lack of active management and oversight has resulted in many problems.

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Sortfolio focuses strongly (almost entirely) on your portfolio by prominently featuring screenshots of past work. However, whereas DevFinder provides both a company page and a portfolio page, Sortfolio limits you to just one dedicated page with limited details. Also, because it originally was created by 37signals (now known as Basecamp which was formerly the name of its most popular product), it is popular in the design and development community. Visitors can browse simply by scrolling through the homepage, or by filtering listings by selecting different locations. One thing to keep in mind is that Sortfolio displays its paid (upgraded) listings first, so while adding your listing is free, non-paid listings always display after their paid listings. Alternatively, visitors can browse portfolio examples ("featured work") by industry, technologies used, and project type. Compared to other options like Clutch, Sortfolio is very light on actual content. Sortfolio is very self-serve, meaning there doesn't seem to be any verification of their data (which has resulted in a lot of low quality content and spam listings).

  • What you get: A dedicated listing/profile page with your company name, typical budget, location, description, email, website and one portfolio screenshot; inclusion in their listings (there's no search, just browsing); upgrade to paid to add five more work samples.
  • Price: Free with Optional Paid Upgrade
  • SEO Optimized: No
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Secure: No, your connection to Sortfolio is not secured nor can the identity of the site be verified.
  • Pros: Easy to sign up; reportedly still receives a good amount of traffic as a result of past affiliation with now-defunct 37signals (this is, of course, waning).
  • Cons: Not secure; Duplicate listings (duplicate content) and spam; The site is unmanaged; Showing its age; The majority of visitors to Sortfolio are likely other design companies (instead of potential clients).
  • Best for: Design focused firms who want to show off their portfolio.
  • Website: